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Subject: Re: FrontPage 2002 not seen online or saving to hdd properly
Author: JudyFlorian
Date: Saturday, December 01, 2007
Classification: Query


What's the URL of your website?

There is a little program called Frontpage Cleaner on the Internet that Pat G (on this list) suggested I get. It's free. It cleans out the "hidden" temp files inside frontpage (no, I guess the general cleanup by MS Windows for temp files does not clean up inside Frontpage-- makes sense I guess).

I have used Frontpage Cleaner when Frontpage would not do a "save as" command on new pages. After I used the little program, Frontpage works fine. The temp pages are moved to the Recycle Bin so you can see what has been deleted (I'm so comfortable with the "Cleaner" program that I don't even check the recycle bin anymore.)

So you could try the Cleaner Program. Then recalculate hyperlinks in Frontpage. Then try to re-upload. If there's still problems, ask for more help.