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Subject: FrontPage 2002 not seen online or saving to hdd properly
Author: gypsys genealogy
Date: Saturday, December 01, 2007
Classification: Query

I've made my web pages in FrontPage 2002 & used FTP Explorer to upload them to my web space with my isp

I have checked & my web space at my isp is all correct & I can connect fine with my ftp application

None of my pages are seen online so obviously they're not saving properly on my hdd as html before I upload them

I got my isp to check the files I'd uploaded & all they'd say was the index.htm looked a bit "funny" but wouldn't offer any other help

I have also tried making the pages in Publisher - they show up online but only through an index page & you have to click on each page individually

With FrontPage 2002, it doesn't save any the graphics with it so I have to upload them indivually off my hdd

I just dont feel like its saving properly

I have disabled Front Page Server Extensions as I've been told that can cause problems

Can anyone help me please? I would really appreciate it