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Subject: Re: Lots of options for building a free website for your family tree
Author: PatGeary28
Date: Thursday, August 09, 2007
Classification: Query

There are free sites and there are free sites. Some are much better than others and it depends on what you want your family history site to include. If what you want is to upload your GEDCOM file with little or no effort required to format the pages, then I recommend RootsWeb's World Connect Project.

If you want to have a site that will supplement your family tree with stories, documents and such, then you can request space at FreePages on RootsWeb. Yes you have to design the site, but there is plenty of free software you can use to do that. Check out some of the resources at Genealogy Web Creations

If you are using FrontPage to design your site, then join us on the FrontPage Mailing list at Rootsweb

pat geary
Front Page List & Board Administrator