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Subject: Re: DOVE Family Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Author: OnnYxx
Date: Friday, March 27, 2009
Classification: Query

Hey, this has been a great week in genealogy. I have been plugging away at the family tree. We used to joke about Everyone in Biloxi being related. It is starting to look like it wasn't a joke. At least with the long standing families. Pat, Thanks for the hint on Barbara. I have been pulling my hair out trying to find Berthenia. I thought for a moment that it may have been Eugenia. Could still be and the osborn that lived with her and Alex in 1900 her grandfather and not father? I have myself so confused right now. Once I took a good look at the actual document I realized that the "white" osborne dove is just a typo. I really think that there is at least one separate Dove. the one with the GA and NC parents just has to be a different family. Spencer, I actually spent 2 days walking every inch of the Cedar Grove Cemetary several years ago. I put it on the GEDCOM. Just google it, it should come up. I have plugged in alot of branches in the past several days. Hopefully it will help you ask some really good questions when you go home.
well, I am off to dodge rockets. in Afghanistan til July.