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Subject: Re: DOVE Family Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Author: familydhistory
Date: Friday, March 27, 2009
Classification: Query


The Dove family in the 1870 census is listed as DIRE...
in this census you will find Anna Dove and Charles Dove.

I believe Barbarar is actually Berthenia the daughter of Osborne. If you notice the two families always appear next to each other in the census. The spelling Barbarar threw me for the longest because her name seems to disappear once Berthenia name appears as the wife of Alec and list Osborne as his father-in-law.

Anna Dove married Edward (Edgar) Smith 11 May 1876, so she appears only in the 1870 census with Basil and Francis. I believe they were married in Harrison County.

Emma Dove married Green Satcher 19 Oct 1881. (Jackson County)

Charles Dove married Louisa Henshaw 28 Dec 1888 (Jackson County)

Until you sort it all out, the families can be very confusing.

For my father's 88th birthday in 2006, I gave him a copy of a document I created
Her Descendants and Collateral Lines

I am in the process of revising it but will email you a copy in the next day or so. Just remember not all the additions, corrections and new found information have been incorporated.