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Subject: Re: DOVE Family Ocean Springs, Mississippi
Author: OnnYxx
Date: Wednesday, March 25, 2009
Classification: Query

Hey There,
I have searched and combed and added alot to OUR tree. Thanks to the little but of info I got from both you and Spencer I was able to extend my Seymour, Fairley, and Smith Lines. Once I actually read that article it all started falling together. They are ALL cousins and intermarried so I figure if I add what I know to every line I will connect with others who may have found something on my direct line and walla, information exchange! So,I need some help.

I find 3 different Osborne/Osborn/Osburn Doves and 2 different Basil/Bazil Doves. Now there are Doves a plenty in the area and as usual it takes a minute to sort everyone out.

1) Osburn Dove (black) b. 1812 in Ms. is listed as Alexander Hanshaw's Father in Law on the 1900 census. There is absolutely no other record of connection between this Osburn Dove and Berthenia Hanshaw.

2) Osborne Dave/Dove (white) b. 1835 in D.C. This one is most interesting because on the 1870 census I find Sarah Dove(black) another woman, Maria Dove (black) and a baby, Henry Dove (black)

3) Osborn Dove (Mullato) b.1838 in MS is listed on the 1880 census married to Tilylie. No Anna or Berthenia in the crew.

On to Basil.....

1) Bazel/Bazil Dove b. 1824 in MS. The 1900 census lists him ans his wife Francis and 2 sets of grandchildren. No Ann or Berthenia. Also no Charles.

2) Bassil Dove (black) b. 1835 in VA as well as his parents. Listed on the 1880 census married to Francis. Again no Anna, Charles or Berthenia.

So, I have no idea where Charles Dove, or Berthenia Dove came from but they both married into the Hanshaw clan. Anna Dove is also a mystery.
If you can go over those census records and see if any other names are familiar to you maybe we can sort out the Doves.