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Subject: DNA - Living descendants of Abraham Sankey 1768-1841 of Martinsburg, Knox Co., OHIO ???
Author: field_iii
Date: Friday, February 28, 2014
Classification: Query

I am looking for living descendants of Abraham Sankey 1768-1841 and his wife Ann Boyd Foster 1774-1872, an aunt of the composer Stephen Collins Foster. The information I have suggests that this couple settled in Martinsburg, Knox Co., Ohio.

The reason I would like to find living descendants is to compare AncestryDNA samples from this family with those I know of or administer of other descendants of the BARCLAY family of Pennsylvania - Ann Boyd Sankey's grandmother being Ann Barclay (Mrs. James Foster b. 1746 Lancaster Co. -d.1797 Canonsburg, PA). Stephen C. Foster's father was one William Barclay Foster 1779 - 1855 Pittsburgh, PA, the brother of Mrs. Abraham Sankey.

I am trying to prove a few family connections that several in our Barclay family presume, but am not sure of. One will help, I hope, prove or disprove the connection between the composer Stephen C. Foster and My Old Kentucky Home in Bardstown, KY.

Please get in touch with me if you are or know of any descendants of this family. And might be interested in receiving a free AncestryDNA kit.

Thanks in advance,

Arthur Humphrey
Miami, FL