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Subject: Re: sankeys
Author: AuntieDud
Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2014
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Hi Erica, I'm sure you've moved along with this since you posted / last edited.

From NZ BMD on line:

1871/26441 Sankey Hellen Elizabeth (mother) Olive Leman (father) Richard Nicholas

There were quite an amazing number of Sankeys in NZ - 24 births 1870-1890 alone (the search I did to find "Hellen"). Richard and Olive (also transcribed as Olive Isman) had Hellen plus Olive Eleanor 1868 and Frances Mary 1869.

If your Sankeys are the Sankeys from the Canterbury area, then we are cousins. ;)

The only Richard Nicholas Sankey in English BMDs died in Ludlow (nowhere near Kent - a different clan of Sankeys) in 1844.

This is your Richard's marriage in NZ:

1867/8560 Olive Lemon Whitehouse married Richard Nicholas Sankey

I think this is his baptism:

Name: Richard Nicholas Sankey
Gender: Male
Christening Date: 09 Jan 1830
Father's Name: Richard Nicholas Sankey(1)
Mother's Name: Eleanor(2)
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: C00680-3

(1) This would be the one who died in 1844:
Deaths Sep 1844
SANKEY Richard Nicholas Ludlow 18 59

(2) Your Richard had daughter Olive Eleanor, supporting the idea that his mother was Eleanor. This Eleanor likely died in 1858.

The baptism in Ludlow matches your Richard's death in NZ:

1871/10495 Sankey Richard Nicolas 42Y

I have not investigated the connection, if any, between those two clans. My Sankey ancestors in Kent go back well before that -- a distant cousin there has meticulously traced them through parish records. For instance, my grx4 grandmother was born in Canterbury in 1771, and at least two generations before her are traceable there.

Her youngest brother's grandson was Viscount Sankey, Lord Chancellor c1930. That branch of the family seems to have inherited the family fortune, and removed to Gloucestershire. The Sankeys in Canterbury in the 1800s were indeed prosperous.

There are several Hastingleigh memorials shown here:
and I would expect that those later individuals were members of this clan; the name Samuel, common among my Sankey forebears, appears there as well.

You would need to ascertain whether the Ludlow Sankeys were a branch of the Kent family that had removed to Shropshire before censuses/registration.

This is interesting, however -- apparently your Richard in 1851:

Name: Richrd Sankey
Age: 21
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1830
>> Relation: Visitor
Where born: Ludlow, Shropshire, England
Civil Parish: Crayford
>> County/Island: Kent
Registration district: Dartford
Robert Darmer 25 occupation Boot Maker
Emma Darmer 28
James Darmer 5
Emma Darmer 3
George Darmer 2 Mo
Richrd Sankey 21 occupation C Clerk

Also hm -- although there are Sankeys in Shropshire pre 1800, your Richard Sr married in London in 1826:

Name: Richard Nicholas Sankey
Spouse's Name: Eleanor Childe
Event Date: 03 Jan 1826
Event Place: Saint Martin In The Fields,Westminster,London,England
Indexing Project (Batch) Number: M00145-4

so where he came from is a bit mysterious still.

Eleanor his wife apparently originated in Shropshire, per the 1851 census when she appeared as a widow:

Name: Eleanor Sankey
Age: 60
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1791
Relation: Head
Gender: Female
Where born: Churchstoke, Shropshire, England
Civil Parish: Ludlow
County/Island: Shropshire
Registration district: Ludlow
Eleanor Sankey 60
Sarah Childs 55 sister
Elizabeth Sankey 52 sister-in-law born Ludlow(3)
Mary Sankey 19 daughter
Margaret Herbert 20 daughter, unmarried, must mean Margaret Herbert Sankey
Mary Goodman 22 servant
Martha Hughes 21 servant

(3) suggesting Richard Sr was born there as well

The surname Sankey is so often mistranscribed at Ancestry that unless someone has corrected it (which is the case for many Sankey census records), or you were lucky on more devious searches, you might have difficulty tracing the people. I'm not seeing a good match in 1841 for Richard who died in 1844, so far.

The "Sankey Family Tree" at Ancestry goes back to Richard born 1743 in Ludlow and Richard born 1707 with no parents or place of birth.

The "wikini tree" at Ancestry has Richard 1743 in Diddlesbury Shropshire as the son of Samuel rather than of Richard ...

In fact, familysearch shows two Richard Sankeys born in Shropshire in 1743, one with father Samuel and one with father Richard, and the two treemakers seem to have been rather arbitrary in their choices.

So no evident Kent connection, unless the father of Richard 1743, whoever he was, was from Kent. In fact, though, Sankeys in Shropshire seem to go back several centuries ... likely they are the source of, or have a common source with, the Kent Sankeys. There is a monstrous lot of info on the net about ancient Sankeys, not all of it reliable.

... and I'm remembering now. My grx7 Sankey grandfather is the one said to have been born in Ireland 1655, who settled in Kent and prospered and multiplied. The story seems to be that Sankeys from Lancashire relocated to Ireland, and then back to England. I have not investigated enough to know what trajectory the Sankeys in Shropshire may have followed from a previous location.