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Subject: Re: Charlotte Ann SANKEY (?) m. William Norris MARSHALL, c1863
Author: AuntieDud
Date: Wednesday, August 27, 2014
Classification: Query

Hello Alison, are you still around? ;)

I suspect that in the intervening 9 years you have found records, or had access to other research, that answers your questions. But since we're apparently related (and both in Canada!), I'll summarize how I understand it goes.

This online tree

is a good resource for the Sankey trees in Kent. It does identify Charlotte Ann Sankey as the daughter of Frederick Harvey Sankey and Anne Dadds.

Frederick's father was William, son of John Sankey 1731 and Mary Simmons.

John Sankey 1731 was the son of Samuel Sankey and Elizabeth Fukes.

That Samuel Sankey 1702 was also the father of my Sankey ancestor, Samuel Sankey 1732.

Samuel Sankey 1702 was the son of John Sankey and Margaret Newton née Polders. John is said to have been born 1655 Ireland, making him one of the transplanted Lancashire Sankeys.

That online tree is reliable as far as information relating to my line, that I know of from the extensive research in the original parish records done by a distant cousin (with whom I share an ancestor who was the child of Samuel Sankey 1732).

So our lines both go

John 1655 Ireland
Samuel 1702 Kent

and then my ancestor is: Samuel 1732 Kent (my grx5 grandfather)
and your ancestor is: John 1731 Kent

Being descended from Samuel 1732 rather than John 1731 makes me a tad more closely related to Viscount Sankey, a great-grandson of Samuel 1732 (making the Viscount a grandson of my grx4 grandparent's brother). Viscount Sankey was the author of the final decision in the Person's Case.

You may now impress all your friends and relations. ;)