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Subject: Re: Esther Sankey,Beaver-Lawrence County,PA
Author: kathylaw1
Date: Wednesday, October 02, 2002
Classification: Query

Esther Sankey is the sister of my ancestor, Elizabeth Sankey Crable Vogan. In my research in Lawrence and Beaver Counties I found Esther mentioned in deeds -- one as a minor child and one as wife of Thomas Booher. I assumed that her first husband Mr. Catterson had died.

Are you trying to fit yourself as a descendent of this David Catterson? Since you knew about the divorce, I'll bet the Beaver or Lawrence County Courthouse has information about any children there may have been. They have very good records there (except for early marriages).

If this helps any -- Esther was a member of the Savannah Church in Lawrence County most of her life. Her second husband died in 1904, but she lived on herself for many years. Esther died in 1925, at her daughter’s home in New Castle, and is buried in Savannah Cemetery. You might find a clue at the church. Are you sure none of the three Booher children are former Cattersons?

If you know them, I would be interested in the names of Esther's 2 daughters, her son being John V. Booher.

If you find yourself to be a descendant of James and Jane Sankey -- I have information about them.