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Subject: Progress / Origin in Pomerania / Seeking Frederick BRUSS: Prussia > NY > Wisconsin
Author: BPetura
Date: Sunday, March 21, 2010
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bruss

Hi again. Yes, I was so very lucky to make great progress - because my BRUSS ancestors were part of "Alt Lutheraner Auswanderung" or "Old Lutheran immigration fever" as it was called. See:

What is amazing is that a researcher - Wilhelm Iwan - used the German records to find all of the Old Lutheran applications to migrate and created a book with all the names of the family members, father, mother and children! See:

A wonderful volunteer who knew about the book sent me the reference to a likely BRUSS family, and it was a match. You can see the family as the very bottom of this page:

Scroll up to see them, in German, at the bottom of the scan of page 250. You can imagine how thrilled I was!

No, I have not visited Cammin and am not sure I will. You are very fortunate to have visited Stettin where your BRUSS ancestors were from!

Hope the message boards help you out. Best wishes,