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Subject: Re: Help with Limburg history
Author: pepperdog_1
Date: Tuesday, January 19, 2016
Classification: Query

You might check out :
These are dutch archives. It is mostly in dutch, but with patience you can figure it out (with help of google translation). I did a quIck search. I found a
Arnold Johan Gerard Seelen actually born in Straelen (Germany), which is just over the border. Now the site lists his parents as Peter Seelen and Aldegonda Swevers. This Arnold died 22 March 1851. It appears they list both Maria Catharina Hubertina Thissen and Petronella Jacobs as former wives. I did find that he married Maria Catharina 22 May 1827.
Limburg did not become part of the Netherlands until 1839. Prior to that the history of the area is complicated. At one time Napolean controlled the area, the Hapsburgs and others... I think parts of it were part of the Spanish Netherlands as well. I have been meaning to lay out a timeline so I know who was there when. This site that I provided a link to is really helpful for dutch ancestors. I have not found anything useful for German records.