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Subject: Re: Dykstra and Doornbos
Author: ladyravenlore
Date: Monday, May 09, 2016
Classification: Query

Try the following website. My father's mother's family came from Groningen. I've been doing a lot of research. I use the Allegroningers website since it is strictly documentation for the province of Groningen and if I have no success there I go to the WieWasWie website. The allegroningers website is nice because you can do a two person search.

I entered Jacob Dijkstra and then Doornbos as the second person. This is what I came up with. I believe this is who you are looking for. I open a Dutch to English translator to help with this website but I'm getting used to the basic Dutch words now. This is their wedding document. As you can see it gives a lot of information.

Huwelijk (Marriage) 27-10-1883 Kantens
Bruidegom (Bridegroom) Jacob Dijkstra, boerenknecht (farmhand)
Geboren (Birthplace) Uithuizen

Vader bruidegom (father of Bridegroom) Tjeerd Frederiks Dijkstra

Moeder bruidegom (mother of Bridegroom) Trijntje Johannes Schutanus

Bruid (bride) Elizabeth Doornbos, dienstmeid (maid)
Geboren (birthplace) Garsthuizen gem. Stedum

Vader bruid (father of bride) Klaas Jans Doornbos, daglooner

Moeder bruid (mother of bride) Angenis Leenderts Veldhuis


Diversen bruidegom 37 jaar (bridegroom is 37 years old); bruid 21 jaar (bride is 21 years old)
Bron Huwelijksregister Kantens 1883 (Marriage register Kantens 1883)
Aktenummer 12 (record number 12).

Hope this helps you.