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Subject: Re: Dingeman DeBok
Author: Mariannenl
Date: Saturday, July 08, 2017
Classification: Query

To avoid unnecessary and double searches:

Thread Dingeman DeBok, 2014

"""His parents got married in Almkerk in 1830, and dad died in Almkerk in 1848 (I found those in the national database), so you would think any children are born there as well. Births of Almkerk are only to be found through familysearch, so first you go through the 10 year birth indexes looking for any de Bok, and then you have to find each birth record to find the parents names. Time consuming and the results: nothing!

So back to the marriage record of mom and dad to see if one of them happened to live in another village, and lo and behold, dad was living in the village of Emmikhoven.

So then to the births of Emmikhoven, repeating the same procedure, and there he was.

Dingeman de Bok
born Emmikhoven 11 Mar 1832 at 16.00 hrs
son of Jan de Bok and Johanna Biesheuvel

I also searched for any siblings, none found. It seems he was an only child. I searched birth records as well as death records (in case they were born elsewhere). Nothing."""

""" This is what I have found on the parents of Dingeman de Bok

Jan de Bok
Born Almkerk 10 Feb 1804
Died Almkerk 27 Sep 1848 at 21.00 hrs
Son of Gerrit de Bok and Maaike Verhoeven
Married Almkerk 24 Apr 1830 to:
Johanna Biesheuvel
Born Almkerk 20 Apr 1808
Daughter of Joost Biesheuvel and Antonia de Koning

Marriage Jan de Bok and Johanna Biesheuvel:
right hand page and next image left hand page

Marital supplements:
image 352 - 356

Death Jan de Bok
number 35, top left hand page


Dingeman de Bok (male)
Born Emmikhoven 11 Mar 1832 at 16.00 hrs

Birth Dingeman:

Johanna Biesheuvel and her son Dingeman de Bok left for the USA somewhere in 1849.

As for Johanna, I find her in the 1850 census living with Joseph Oldendorf and his children Pieternella and Job. No sign of Dingeman anywhere.

Joseph and Johanna married in Pella, Iowa on 24 July 1850:

Then I find both Johanna (and Joseph / Joost) and Dingeman in the Marion County, Iowa 1856 census:

Dingeman page 478
Johanna page 582

1860 census

1870 census
No mention of Joseph, so I guess he must have died between 1860 and 1870.

In the 1880 census I can not find Johanna anymore, so she most likely died between 1870 and 1880.

Dingeman can be traced quite easily separately through the various USA censuses on: """

The only thing I didn't add was the passengerlist of the ship Franziska, dep. Rotterdam, arr Castle Garden15 June 1849. They are passengers 149 and 150 on the page. Scan on:

So the only descendants who may have more info are the descendants of Dingeman born in the USA, or descendants of the siblings of dad Jan de Bok or mum Johanna Biesheuvel.

Kind regards,