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Subject: Re: deBoer/van Hall marriage approx 1910
Author: John Tepper Marlin
Date: Thursday, August 10, 2017
Classification: Lookup
Surnames: van Hall, Boissevain

The names of the children were common in the van Hall and Boissevain families. There were Theos and Cors. My grandmother was a Boissevain and they were intermarried with the van Halls. Google my name and "Wally van Hall" and you will find a post on his heroism in World War II.
Ellen Anderson is doing research on her van Hall family: "Ellen Andersen wrote: "I made good progress on my family tree. My father says my grandmother was related to Wally van Hall & his brother...maybe cousins...he was a small child when it was mentioned so he could be mistaken. Anyway, my grandmother's parents were Catherina van Hall & Hendrik Townsend. On the van Hall side I was able to trace back to Floris Adriaan van Hall born 1736. I have not searched for my Grandmother's extended family yet but will resume before the end of the year. Very thankful for the internet...I was able to access Dutch records and use Google translate so I had some fun breakthroughs."