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Subject: Re: Gerrit Albertus Ordelman, Born 1866 in Borculo, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Author: RobAlbert63
Date: Wednesday, January 04, 2017
Classification: Query

Just have to commend you for taking all the time to look all this information up, for a person whose ONLY post EVER on any genealogy board here says "looking for relatives". I interpreted it on first read to mean that he was looking for other people currently alive who are related to him the the ancestor listed in the title of his post. You chose to interpret that he wanted information on the person's ancestry. I help and have helped people in the past over the 37 years I have been researching my own family tree, but usually only those who at the very least show a greater desire than posting 3 words. I hope this individual reads your posts and at the very least replies to thank you. Law of averages says that this is highly unlikely. But perhaps now someone else will find your posted information and it will help them out. Once again, applaud your effort.