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Subject: Re: Seeking Information, Ancestors from Gelderland
Author: RvanDuuren
Date: Monday, November 14, 2016
Classification: Query


The father of Willem (William) van Offeren was Willem Johannis van Offeren.

Willem Johannes van Offeren married to Johanna (Anna) Jansen on February 10, 1849 in Deil, province Gelderland.

The father of Willem Johannis van Offeren was Willem van Offeren
The mother Willem Johannis was Gaauwke van Diejen.

The father of Johanna (Anna) Jansen was Dirk Jansen
The mother of Johanna (Anna) Jansen was Jacoba de Weerd.

A lot of original certificates are available.


Robert A. van Duuren
The Netherlands.