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Subject: Re: DeBruyn,Harry
Author: henkdebruyn
Date: Sunday, March 14, 2004
Classification: Query

My brother is Harry de Bruijn, who lives in the Netherlands.
I came to Canada by myself in 1956. As far as I know, I have no relatives by the de Bruyn name in Canada, besides my own children.

One branch of the the Bruijn family has come to the US in the 1880's. Maaike de Bruijn who was married to Klaas Kuiper. Their children have had prominent places in the Christian Reformed Church.
Also Maaike's brother was Rev J.A de Bruijn who served a few churches in Michigan nad New Jersey, and went \back to the Netherlands. My father has known this person, back in Holland.

In our family the de Bruin name was adopted in 1811, and it is spelled in different ways, de Bruin (1811) and later de Bruijn, here in Canada I spell it deBruyn.

In previous generations I have plenty de Bruijn's of who I know no further offspring.

The first de Bruijn is Harmen Anskes,
Husband: Harmen Anskes DE BRUIJN Schipper
Birth: 30 Aug 1777 Beneden Knijpe
Chr: 21 Sep 1777
Death: 9 Aug 1859 Nijehaske
Marriage: 27 Apr 1806 Nijehaske
Father: Anske HARMENS schippper (b bef 1740)
Mother: Trijntje Aijses AIJSES (b 1744)
Other spouse: Minke Thomas VAN DER LEY (m 30 Aug 1821)
Wife: Maaike Gooitzens VAN TERWISGA
Birth: 20 Jan 1780 Heereveen
Death: 9 Mar 1816 Nijehaske
Father: Gooitzen Feddes VAN TERWISGA pottenbakker (b 7 May 1747)
Mother: Jeltje Aukes DE HAAN (b 15 Oct 1757)