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Subject: osterhout/osterhoudt
Author: Kyrce Swenson
Date: Sunday, June 25, 2000
Classification: Query
Surnames: osterhoudt

Dear Joan-

The word Osterhoudt (Dutch Oosterhoudt) is the old spelling. The d was dropped in Holland around 1700.
Osterhouts and Osterhoudts are not related in the United States, so although you and I are probably related, we are most likely not related to William, unless the spelling of his name was changed after his family moved from upstate New York.

As far as I know, all Osterhoudts based in the Ulster/Dutchess area are descended from Jan Jansson van Oosterhoudt, who came from the town of Oosterhou(d)t in Holland, which my grandparents visited 20 or 30 years ago.

Descendents of Jan Jansson also founded the town of Red Hook in Dutchess county, NY, not to be confused with Red Hook, Brooklyn. Many Osterhoudts are buried in the cemetary of the Dutch Reformed Church in Kingston, NY; and the Osterhoudt House (privately owned, but no longer in the family) is nearby. The house is from the late 17th century, and has either or both slave quarters and hiding places for the underground railroad.

My mother is an Osterhoudt, and her mother's mother is as well. I have not yet been able to connect them with Jan Jansson van Osterhoudt.


Kyrce Swenson