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Subject: Re: Izaak Eernisse(n)
Author: sharpcorner
Date: Wednesday, May 18, 2005
Classification: Query

Hello Paul,
That Pieter vs. Izaak married to Aaltje has been driving me nuts for a while. I have no documentation other than what is on Isis which makes no reference to Pieter Jacobus the father. All the children that I have found thru marriages have their father listed as Izaak. However I have not found reference to them all. I also believe that Izaak son of Pieter Jacobus and Izaak son of Izaak are the same person. One is credited to marrying Maria Fiers and one Maria Tierson. I believe there is discussion on one of the boards with regard to this.

I am interested in your documentation as I believe there is no Pieter Jacobus married to Aaltje Ellen but how it got mixed up I have no clue. Izaak died in 1840 and Aaltje in 1843. She is listed as the widow of Michael Maziur so I assumed she was married after Izaak died but perhaps it was prior to?? I would also love to know the parents of Aaltje.

I await your enlightenment, Karen