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Subject: Re: Gertrude Hudnall, Amarillo, Potter County, Texas, 1979
Author: Ancestor_Hunter27
Date: Sunday, October 04, 2015
Classification: Query

This could prove very significant, as documents give Louie's mother's place of birth as Arkansas.

What I do not understand is why this kin of unknown relation would go out of their way to amend a birth certificate for a man that was still alive and well and living a few streets over from her, less than a mile away during that time?

To my knowledge, neither Louie or Cheser had knowledge of who Louie's biological parents were. Louie was deceased by this time but Cheser was fit as a fiddle until right before he died in 1994.

I can not imagine that just anyone can go and amend a birth certificate. For her to be listed as a cousin, shouldn't there be some burden of proof of kinship required? Some document somewhere that might finally reveal what we have so longed to know?

Cheser might have been a home birth and so was his wife. I know that his wife had a very hard time trying to get a birth certificate and had to get the man who had delivered her back in 1920, along with another witness, to go with her in person to get a delayed birth certificate. I do not know if this is the same for Cheser but for a certificate to be amended, surely there must be a birth certificate in the first place?

I know his brother, Claiborne, had a birth certificate issued just a year later in 1916 in Amarillo. Why would Cheser's certificate not been just as detailed as Claiborne's is without amendment?