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Subject: Need help making out the court document for James Ainsworth vs. William Ainsworth
Author: kellietho
Date: Wednesday, August 09, 2017
Classification: Query

I recently purchased a court document for James Ainsworth vs. William Ainsworth. The two men were brothers, and were originally from Burke County, North Carolina. The case apparently started out there, but when William moved to Monroe County, Tennessee, the case moved there as well.

I need help deciphering what the document says. I admit, I am not the best at reading and understanding these types of documents. I can make out some of the words and phrases, but then others have me completely stumped.

In case anyone is researching these names, I will also note that the names JOHN MCGHEE and JAMES ERWIN appear in the document as well.

I tried attaching the file to this message board post, but it wouldn't let me with it being a .PDF file. So, I attached it to a blog post. Here is the link to the blog:

Any help would be most appreciated!!