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Subject: Re: Smith, Jacob / Bates, Sybil
Author: thiaanne
Date: Friday, August 26, 2016
Classification: Query
Surnames: Bates, Moon, Smith, Chase, Lewis, Potter

Sybil Bates is daughter of Morey Bates and Eunice Moon. Eunice can be found in the 1875 census with Jacob Smith and Sybil Bates Smith. Eunice is listed as mother-in-law and her last name comes up like it is B--- something else but if you look at it you can see it is really written Eunice Bates.
Now the Morey Bates who married Eunice Moon and had Sybil Bates who married Jacob Smith, this Morey Bates is the son of Morey Bates and his first wife Hannah Lewis. This earlier Morey Bates married Hannah Potter in 1826 presumably after his first wife died. I don't know if Morey Bates and Hannah Potter had any children but if the DOB I have for Hannah Potter is correct, 1771, then she would have been pretty old in 1826 or later to have had any children. The Morey Bates/Hannah Lewis line down through Sybil Bates Smith and beyond has been documented by at least one Daughters of the American Revolution member as this older Morey Bates was a Revolutionary War Patriot. The bare bones of the line can be found at the DAR website under Genealogy. The particular line goes Morey Bates/Hannah Lewis to Morey Bates/Eunice Moon to Sybil Bates/Jacob Smith to Annie B. Smith/Francis "Frank" B. Chase then further down from this couple. Also Exeter Wills has Morey Bates will dated 28 Aug 1861 proved 4 Nov 1861 mentions wife Eunice Bates, 2 sons Perry Bates and Caleb Bates, daughter Sybil Smith. The older Morey Bates will dated 11 Nov 1848 proved 7 Oct 1861 mentions wife Hannah Bates (this would be Hannah Potter), sons Amos Bates, Lewis Bates, Richard B. Bates and Morey Bates whose wife is Eunice and who has e sons Perry Bates and Caleb Bates. Also Daughters Mary, Phebe Lillibridge and Charity Lillibridge, grandsons Perry Bates and Caleb Bates, granddaughter Ruth Bates.