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Subject: Re: Dec 15, 1870, N. Kingstown RI Town Records Destroyed 160 yrs of birth, marriage & death records!! Wickford National Bank Fire
Author: Courtney Fisher
Date: Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Classification: Query

Yes, they are available, but entire years worth of records ARE missing. There are no births in those records, for the entire year of 1870, for instance. This information is crucial to researchers. In the state level, over the years, I have spoken to 6-12 genealogical employees who all swore up and down that "no such fire in RI's history has ever destroyed any birth, marriage, nor death records. They all added that I was wasting my time." So this information is very important and listed almost nowhere online.

Also, in these fire records, there are no DEXTER surnames listed for N. Kingstown. Also, in N. Kingstown, only this town's fire records are there. Other town's records were burned in fires, but now I need to go to N. Scituate and investigate THAT OTHER fire in 1870 that I just learned about. "The Blueberry Fire" also called the Pine Swamp Fire, that may be for Scituate, which is in Providence County. N. Kingstown is in another county.