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Subject: Re: Anna Green Fish and Benoni Fish
Author: judyartley26191
Date: Wednesday, March 15, 2017
Classification: Query
Surnames: Fish, Ring, Robinson, Green

I think I've untangled this.

1860 West Greenwich, Kent, RI
Wilson Fish, b. RI, 32, farmer
Dorcas, b. RI, 37
Benoni W., b. RI, 6
Lorenzo, b. RI, 4
Ida E., b. RI, 2
James, b. RI, 8/12ths
Celia Fish, b. RI, 73

1870 Warwick, Kent, RI
Wilson Fish, b. RI, 44, works farm
Dorcas, b. RI, 46
Benoni, b. RI, 16, works farm
Lorenzo, b. RI, 14, works cotton mill
James B., b. RI, 11, works cotton mill
Ida E., b. RI, 12, works cotton mill
George W, b. RI, 9
William H., b. RI, 6

Benoni did marry Ann Green first but I didn't find their marriage record online. Early vital records were originated and filed at the village/town/city Clerk's office.

I'd contact the Warwick Historical Society, to determine who has the records.

Clarinda Fish
Born: 8 Dec 1876, Scituate, Providence, RI
Father: Benoni W. Fish
Mother: Ann Green

Ann dies which is probably the record you found. She probably died in West Warwick. I'd do a Google search for the West Warwich Town Clerk.

Benoni marries Julia but I didn't find that marriage record.

1880 Scituate, Providence, RI
Benoni W. Fish, b. RI, 26, express man
Julia E., b. RI, 31
Clarinda, b. RI, 3
Charles H. Cole, brolaw, b. RI, 21, work cutter mill
Celinda C., sister, b. RI, 20, work cutter mill
Grace, neice, b. RH, 3
Mande S., neice, b. RI, 1
Sally M. Potter, malaw, b. RI, 57, widow

1900 Scituate
Benni W. Fish, b. RI March 1854, M21yrs, mill ____
Julia, b. RI June 1850, 4/2 ch
Clara, b. RI, Dec 1876, weaver
Everett H., b. RI Sept 1881, ____ mill
Dorcas, ma, b. RI Oct 1823, widow, 6/6 ch

Herman F. Robinson
Born: abt. 1878
Father: Herman Robinson
Mother: Hannah Burke
Married: 28 Nov 1900, Scituate
Clarinda Fish
Born: abt. 1877
Father: Benoni W. Fish
Mother: Annie Ring
Source: RI, Town Clerk, Vital & Town Records 1630-1945

1910 Scituate
Benoni W. Fish, b. RI, 55, M2-31yrs, laborer odd jobs
Julia E., b. RI, 60, M2-31yrs, 5/1 ch
Everett, b. RI, 28, widower, printer print shop
Three boarders

1920 Scituate
Benjamin O. Fish, b. RI, 66, can't read occ's
Julia E., b. RI, 71
Everett, b. RI, 38, widowr
William H., bro, b. RI, 53, single
Agnes Carter, b. Scotland, 62, cook

Benoni W. Fish
Born: 1854
Died: 1922
Buried: Woodland Cemetery, Coventry, Kent, RI

Julia Elizabeth Fish
Born: 1848
Father: Henry B. Potter
Mother: Sally M. Knight
Married: Benoni W. Fish
Died: 29 Oct 1922, Scituate
Source: RI Deaths & Burials 1802-1950
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