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Subject: Information wanted
Author: Lloyd de Vore
Date: Thursday, June 13, 2002
Classification: Query

Am looking for ways to get more information about my family. We are from a family long established in Oklahoma & Arkansas. Parents always told us (my sisters & I) that we are part Scots, part French, part Comanche, and part Cherokee. We were also always told we must not tell anone, or we would not be able to pass for white and get jobs, etc.

My sisters are now 59, and I am 64. Since we were in our late 20's/early 30's, we have been listing our racial information as required by the US gov't as "native american", but we really don't know our history, as our parents always refused to discuss the subject with us.

We are not looking to claim and benefits or assistance. We have all done well in life. (I am a 1967 MPA grad from the University of Oklahoma, and have served as a Director of the Saskatchewan Public Service Commission, founder of the Alberta Ecology Corps, and so on.

Basically, we want to know how to find out more about our Comanche & Cherokee heritages, hopefully some of our specific geneology (if possible...our parents are both deceased), and to become more connected to our people before we die.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish any of this would be very welcome.

Thank you,
Lloyd de Vore