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Subject: Clues for my missing grandfather 1940's
Author: lastlogj
Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Classification: Query

Hello All

Per the 1942 Old Man's Draft, my grandfather was living in NYC, but employed by B Protas at Loch Sheldrake. Have learned that B was Barnet Protas, who owned hotels in Catskills & NJ, with a partner named Nachatowitz His hotel in Sullivan County was either the Brookside Hotel, or its predecessor. His draft card is in the NYC index, but was filed in Sullivan County, so assume he lived there. Seems that Mr Protas had some employees from some sketchy backgrounds- a newspaper articles of a couple abandoning their families to be together and working for him, seems he did not ask many questions of his employees. This would fit in with my grandfather's life pretty well- abandoned wife & children, hid from them and his own family, etc etc

Anyone able to give me some direction from here? Have checked fultonhistory without luck. Does anyone know about B Protas? What happened to the property, or is it the same Brookside that became the family resort in the '50's

My grandfather's name was Daniel "Don" Bowen and he would have been in his 50's in the 1940's.

Any help appreciated