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Subject: Re: HELP Residental Sanitorium Cook CO IL ?
Author: Jaye
Date: Friday, October 22, 2004
Classification: Query

Thanks for the reply
I have the census info, and approx birth date.
Don't have death date. He is the only one of the siblings I have been unable to find so I started contacting the older members of the family. and located a god daughter who said that Edward was married briefly after his mother died in May of 1946. Edward's wife Opal was caught trying to poisin him and ran off before arrested. Edward was reported as being a little slow. after the poising He called his sister Anges who took him in when he developed Alzheimer's and took care of him. After Anges husband died in Oct of 1963. Agnes couldn't handle him anymore on her own. So it's rumored that she had to have help and put him into a residenal insitution. Agnes died Nov 1964.
I called the four cemeteries that the family used in the past and he isn't there. I called the catholic cemeteries Asso. and there is no listing of him being buried in any of the Catholic Cemeteries in Illinois The funeral palor that handled the family business during that time period no longer in exsists.
So.... I was hoping to try and track down any medical facility that may have a cemetery attached.
If you have any idea where I can go from here please help.