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Subject: Re: Research Advice Please?
Author: FeistyWench
Date: Monday, November 23, 2015
Classification: Query

You are a ROCKSTAR! That is more information than I've been able to find...ever! I knew about the Colladon Hunter that died at age 35, and had figured him to be "our" Judith's brother/cousin/some kind of relative, as she named her firstborn "James Colladon Barber". I am not at home and can't look up specifics right now, but our Judith died in Chico, CA at the age of 71. Her headstone gives her name as Judith Hunter, wife of P. Barber, her date of death and her age. It also says she was born in Kentucky.
I am VERY excited to get this information that you've shared, and can't thank you enough! Is it possible that I could get copies of the photos of the stones that you talk about?
Thank you again!!
Charlee Turner