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Subject: Re: Research Advice Please?
Author: Juli Claussen
Date: Monday, July 27, 2009
Classification: Query
Surnames: Hunter Barber

I am a professional genealogist who works often with land records. Judith "relinquishing her dower" when the deed was recorded does not mean she owned the land before her husband did. The relinquishment was something most married men who owned land and wanted to sell it had to aquire; it has to do with a widow's rights to a certain amount of her husband's land if he died.

I agree with the earlier reply that the Judith you found in the census in 1830 was probably the older woman in the household and possibly your Judith's name sake.

I would suggest checking probates in Morgan of the Hunter's you believe might be her parents, to see if she is named as an heir. Same with deeds--check deeds with administrators of Hunter estates as the grantors. A deed may list all the children of the deceased.

I think you are on-track with the name Coladon. It is unusual enough that there is probably a strong family connection between James Coladon Barber and the Coladon Hunter you found. Remember that there may have been more than one, for instance a son named Coladon Hunter and a father or grandfather with the same name. It may be that Coladon was the maiden name of one of the women in the family a ways back.

Good luck!