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Subject: Research Advice Please?
Author: FeistyWench
Date: Sunday, July 26, 2009
Classification: Query
Surnames: Barber, Barbour, Hunter

My brickwalls are my g-g-g grandparents, Pleasant Barber and Judith Hunter.

I know them to have been married in Morgan County, Illinois on 3 April 1832. Judith was 33 years old, and I believe that she may have been married once before. Pleasant Barber was about 30 at the time of their marriage.

The 1830 census for Morgan County shows Judith Hunter as a head of household, with 1 male 30-40 years, 1 male 40-50 years, 2 female 20-30 years, and 1 female 60-70 years. Might be my gran...dunno for sure tho.

I have a land deed that states that Pleasant Barber y. wife sold land to Robert Vanbebber on 4 June 1838 on Greene County. At the end of the land description, are their "marks", and then an addition stating that the JP questioned Judith aside and apart from her husband and to make a long sentence shorter, agreed to relinquish all "right to dower".
My questions would be these:
Does that last part mean that the land was originally Judith's, used as a dowry? If so, is there a way to find out who owned the land before she did?

I'm trying to find the parents of Judith, (and Pleasant too). She was born in Kentucky, and I believe had a male relative named "Coladon Hunter", possibly a brother? My reasoning for this is that there is a Coladon Hunter living with his son, Edward Hunter in Morgan County in the 1850 census. Judith and Pleasant named their first born son "James Coladon Barber".

Am I way off track here? I feel pretty confused as to where to look next for information on this couple...Does anyone have advice for me as to where I can look next to try to find clues as to their parent's identities?