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Subject: Obituaries for Edwin Davis
Author: SharonTMSI
Date: Thursday, May 12, 2016
Classification: Obituary
Surnames: Davis

Edwin Davis
Newspaper unknown (clipping from Louisa Minor’s obituary scrapbook)
Died March 18, 1885

In Chicago, suddenly, 18th inst., Edwin Davis, aged 37 years, brother of Dr. J. D. Davis, of Clarksville.

The deceased was well and appreciably known throughout Pike county, where he had resided up to the time of his death. He was a kind and loving husband and father, a faithful friend and a Christian gentleman. In his death Pike county loses one of its most exemplary and honorable citizens, while to his bereaved wife and children the loss is irreparable. From his brother, Dr. Davis, we learn the following: “My brother, Edwin Davis, was about 37 years old. He had a slight blow on his head, striking it against a plank while catching sheep on the farm last spring. In August he noticed a small tumor forming on his forehead, but thought nothing of it ‘till in the fall, when he began to suffer with vertigo and pains throughout his body and by the first of January the tumor began to grow rapidly. I did not see him again until the first of March, and found it was at least one-third larger than when I last saw him, and advised him to consult Dr. G. A. Hall of Chicago. He could not go immediately, but consulted him on the 17th. He told him it was a sarcoma, and the only hope of relief was removal, that he had only operated on three cases when it occurred on the head, two of them had died and one had been removed. Ed. fully understood his chances to be desperate, but as it was, the only hope he would undergo the operation. On the next day, in the afternoon, the operation was performed. The tumor proved to be sarcoma, as was expected, and pressed heavily upon the brain and membrane covering the brain attached to the tumor and was removed with it. The operation was a very delicate one, and required some time, but was thoroughly done. He lived five hours after the operation, and was rational about four hours, and died from the shock. The doctors all wondered that he had lived so long - as it is a rare thing for anyone to live with so much pressure upon the brain. He could not possibly have lived but a few days longer. Ed has consulted a number of physicians during the last six months, but none could give a satisfactory diagnosis till he went to Dr. Hall. It was a rare disease in that location, and probably no physician he consulted had ever seen such a case.”

Edwin Davis
Newspaper unknown (clipping from Louisa Minor’s obituary scrapbook)
Died March 18, 1885

A Victim of Cancer

Edwin Davis, a prominent highly respected farmer, living near Prairieville, died in Chicago, Wednesday of last week, from the effect of an operation performed upon him that day. Some time ago, Mr. Davis discovered a small bump upon his forehead, but thinking it a matter of small consequence, paid no attention to it. It continued to grow in size, however, and caused him much inconvenience, but gave him on pain. The doctors who examined it pronounced it a bone tumor, and he was advised to have it removed. Accordingly last week, accompanied by his brother, Dr. J. D. Davis, of Clarksville, he visited Chicago for that purpose. An examination was made by a celebrated physician, who pronounced it a cancer, and while assuring him that he might possibly die under the operation, informed him that his death was only a question of a few weeks. He lived but five hours after the operation, and his remains were brought to this city Friday, and taken to his home the same day. His funeral was preached Saturday by Rev. F. W. Henry. The deceased leaves a wife and four children, and in their deep distress they have the heartfelt sympathy of all their friends and neighbors.