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Subject: Whiteside, TN & People of Hooker, Aetna, Ladds, Murphys Hollow
Author: Ron Kennedy
Date: Monday, April 16, 2001
Classification: Query

I have ALL the ledgers Of the Roope,Tennessee post office {on Aetna Mtn.a Mining town )And all the ledgers Of the Whiteside Postoffice.And The Clouse Gro. They Start in the late 1800's.and the Whiteside School from 1909 to about 1919 of all the pupils who where there.
The Postoffice Ledgers list everybody that bought a money order and who and where it was sent or if it was cashed who it came from and where it came from.( They where a lot of them where Money was sent home. A lot of people came to Whiteside looking for work From Ala.Ga.and parts of Tennessee.)
The stores ledgers has everybodys bills and what they bought and how much they paid for it.they or 1,000's of names and places.
so i guess ya'll are wondering why i posted this will here it comes I need to hire some body that has the time to type all the info and put on disk.If you or interested E-mail me and i will give you my phone Number