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Subject: Ebenezer SMITH family - Ashford, Windham Co
Author: pbausman
Date: Thursday, August 29, 2002
Classification: Query
Surnames: Smith, Morse, Eldredge, Eldridge, Caulkins, Smith

Ebenezer Smith (son of Samuel and Zipporah (Morse) ), b. 1741 in Ashford, died 1791.
Wife Martha Eldredge or Eldridge, from Mansfield, Tolland Co., b. abt 1747.
Children (all born in Ashford):
Martha, 1767
Abigail, 1770
Ebenezer, 1772
Chloe, 1774
Anna, 1776
Green or Nathaniel Green, 1781 (a triplet)
Trumbull or Jonathan Trumbull, 1781 (a triplet)
Washington or George Washington, 1781 (a triplet)
Mary, 1784
Jerusha, 1787
Asenath, 1789
Elisha, 1791

Most of info above is from Barbour Collection for Ashford and NE Hist & Gen Reg 51:46-49 "Eldredge Genealogy". This Smith family is well-documented down to the father, Ebenezer, due to Mayflower connections.

I am trying to find information on daughter Jerusha, who may have been the wife of Lovewell Caulkins of Waterbury/Naugatuck, New Haven Co and later Delaware Co, OH. "My" Jerusha is "supposed" to have been the daughter of Ebenezer Smith of Ashford, but I have seen no support for this. (One clue is that there was apparently an "Eldridge Smith" in Waterbury in the 1840s, and a Trumbull Smith apparently had a son named Eldridge - I have no support for this - found on some tree on the 'net).


1. What happened to the family (Martha and and children) following the death of father Ebenezer? Barbour Collection has NO marriage records for any of the children; and has no death records for mother Martha or any of the children. This would indicate that she left town shortly after dad died. Where did she go? It would seem that she would have to have gone to some family member or immediately remarried, given the size of the brood she had to take care of.

2. If Martha Eldridge Smith remarried, to whom?

2. Where did the children marry? I have been unable to find marriage records for any of them (Smith is such a fun name to search!) - I concentrated on the more unusual of the names, but no luck.