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Subject: Re: Storrs of Mansfield, Connecticut
Date: Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Classification: Query
Surnames: Storrs, Woodworth, Rogers,

Kim, I sent you an e-mail with the info about Cyrenus Woodworth Storrs and Lucy Storrs, which came back to me undeliverable, so I hope you are checking this board. p.388 states "Children of Josiah and Deodamia Woodworth Storrs: Cyrenus Woodworth, b. March 30, 1782, Origen (no b. date), Lucy, b. June 26, 1784" p. 389, "Cyrenus Woodworth Storrs wass a farmer, living for some years after his marriage in Lebanon, CT. In 1813 he moved to New Milford, Penn. He died at New Milford, Penn. Feb 4, 1856." ( He married Sally Rogers of New London, Ct) They had several children, if you need that info, who all seem to have settled in PA.
p. 391- "Of Origen, second son of Josiah and Diodamia Woodworth Storrs, I have no knowledge.
Of Lucy, only daughter of Josiah and Diodamia Woodworth Storrs, I have no account"

There are lots of Lucys, if you have factual information that your was the daughter of Josiah and Diodamia, then Cyrenus Woodworth was in fact her brother. If not, you'll have to establish that first. I feel pretty sure she is the right one since they both lived in New Milford, but the Storrs book did not state who she married. I have been chasing my Sarah Storrs for 15 years, who was married to Hiram Stoddard, and finally found evidence this past weekend that identified the right Hiram connected to her (we spent a week in NY chasing the wrong Hiram. Once you proove the father/daughter relationship, you've got the brother

I don't know why my e-mail didn't work to you but I would be glad to fax you the rest of that line, if you have a fax machine, e-mail me the number........Cherie