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Subject: Re: Carter T. Baughan -was in Colquitt, GA in 1870
Author: KayeWD
Date: Saturday, October 03, 2015
Classification: Query

I am not sure if someone has answered this rather old query. Just saw it tonight. My grandmother was Irma Kate Baughan Wilkin, the grandaughter of Carter T. Baughn. Her brother was Edgar Baughn. He graduated from Medical School in Maryland, from a school that is no longer extant. I believe there are records of his schooling in the medical library of the Maryland School of Medicine ( ? if I have the name right- it is still in existence). Edgar Baughn, my great uncle, delivered me at Baughn's Maternity Home in Colquitt, Ga. Dr Baughn never had any children of his own, but raised some of his wife's nieces and nephews ( they were siblings- don't know how many there were, but believe 3 of them were named Bradley Saunders, India Saunders, and Norma Saunders). Dr. Baughn developed Parkinson's disease.
He shot his and killed his wife, Virgie, about 1946 ( believe he also died that year). Apparently, his wife was coming around the outside of the house , and he just hauled off and shot her. Some in the family said he killed Virgie because the meds he was taking made him mentally unstable. However, since Parkinson's itself can cause delusions and dementia. he might have come unhinged due to that illness alone. He was subsequently admitted to Milledgeville Hospital. According to my mother ( Virginia Wilkin Dyar), after a period of confinement, he was to be discharged. My grandmother, Kate Baughn Wilkin and her son, Edgar Baughn Wilkin (named after Dr. Baughn and called "Baughn" )went to Milledgeville to take him home. While they were waiting for him to be discharged, he died. A rather strange story. I'm afraid I can't fill in any more of the blanks. By all accounts, Dr. Baughn was a well -respected and loved member of the community. He is buried in the Colquitt cemetery in the plot of Edgar Baughn Wilkin (Sr.). I would love to hear from you, as I am interested in what became of the Jarretts who were my grandmother's uncles. After the War Between the States, the family seemed to lose track of them.