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Subject: Re: TRYON's of Wethersfield, CT
Author: MJ Moser
Date: Thursday, June 03, 2010
Classification: Query

When looking for people in Connecticut, it is important to know when towns were incorporated,

Origanally, Glastonbury was a part of the original town of Wethersfield. In 1690 Glastonbury was incorporated as an independentent town. After 1650, towns were required to keep vital records - births, deaths, marriages. The earliest records for Glastonbury were part of the town records for Wethersfield. After incorporation in 1690, the town started to keep its own records.

One important thing to remember is that original town of Wethersfield included land on both sides of the Connecticut River. The main settlement was on the west side of the river, just a few miles south of Hartford. The time span is the other. Glastonbury was incorporated approximately 60 years after the founding of the town of Wethersfied. During that time small communities were established within the town of Wethersfield and new church societies were formed. These church societies eventually grew to becom new town formined within the originalt boundaris of Wethersfield. Glastonbury was the first society to break off and become a town in its own right. It was also the only section of Wethersfield on the east side of the Connecticut River. In the 1600's and 1700's, it is necessary to look at the records for both towns. The is especially true for the Barbour Collection. The Barbour collection was actually put together in the 1900's, using early town and church records. They are actually an index that contains information as to where the information can be found in the original records. The earliest records were written like journals. The date was recorded and the events of the day or week. Reading these early records is fascinating.

The town I live in (and have for most of my life) was once a part of the original town of Wethersfield.