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Subject: Re: I have microfilms on Bristol Vital Records
Author: ShebaAmber
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2007
Classification: Query

Hi, Joyce.
I have not finished my Bristol film search for Zenas Smith or his wife and children. I found several Smiths who may be descendents or relatives - or not. Here's the information, I hope down the road it may come in handy:

Bernard Smith born in New York, 1848 or 1849, married Johanna Hayes born in Ireland, 1851 or 1852. Daughter Ellen Smith born in Bristol, CT on January 14, 1893, she was the 7th child born to Johanna Hayes (presumably Bernard Smith too). Bernard was 45 and working as a blacksmith & Johanna was 42 at the time of Ellen’s birth. They resided in Bristol.

Herman F. Smith born in Meriden, CT, 1866 or 1867, married Julia E. Baldwin, born in Wallingford, CT, 1864 or 1865. Son Edward H. Smith born in Bristol, CT on April 24, 1894. He was the second child born to Julia. Herman was 27 & Julia was 29 at the time of Edward’s birth.

Sam Smith born in Bristol, CT, 1853 or 1854, married Sarah Baldwin born in Pequanuck (?), 1858 or 1859. Their first child, a son, was born stillborn on July 20, 1894, in Bristol. He was not. Sam was 40 and a factory hand & Sarah was 35 at the time of the birth.

Marshall Smith born in Wallingford, CT, 1872 or 1873, married Anna J. Funck, born in Bristol, CT, 1874 or 1875. Their fist child, a son, was born stillborn on March 20, 1895 in Bristol. He was not named. Marshall was 22 and a machinist & Anna was 24 at the time of birth. Their second child, a daughter Rachel S. Smith, was born on June 21, 1896 in Bristol. (on the record of baby boy Smith’s birth, Marshall’s middle initial is an R., but on Rachel’s record his middle initial looks like an I or something not resembling an R.)

Ernest Smith born in Tolland, Massachusetts, 1855 or 1856, married Eva C. Rouse Warren born in Connecticut, 1867 or 1868. Their first child, son Edward Smith was born Aug. 30, 1895 in Bristol. Ernest was 39 and an engineer & Eva was 27 at the time of Edward’s birth. (the information was hand-written, Rouse may possibly be Ranse, hard to tell difference between the u’s & n’s). Second child, a daughter, Marjorie Smith was born May 19, 1897 in Bristol. Ernest was 41 & Eva was 29 at the time of Marjorie’s birth.

Thomas F Smith born in New York City, NY, 1874 or 1875, married Annie Blessington born in Southington, CT, 1870 or 1871. First child, Bernard Thomas Smith was born Dec. 19, 1896 in Bristol. Thomas was 21 and a blacksmith & Annie was 25 at the time of Bernard’s birth.

Timothy Smith born in Bristol, CT, 1871 or 1872, married A. Berthune born in Sunderland, England, 1873 or 1874. First child, son, Raymond B. Smith was born July 1, 1896 in Bristol. Timothy was 24 & his wife was 22 at the time of Raymond’s birth. (because of the hand-written records, I cannot verify Timothy’s wife’s name. It actually looks like Allen, I considered maybe her name was Berhune Allen, but none of the other records put a lastname first).

Bristol marriages, unfortunately no ages or parents were given:

Ezra Norton married Harriet Smith in Bristol, CT on Feb. 19, 1821; both resided in Bristol.

Leeisten Smith of Plymouth, MA married Electee McFhey of Bristol, in Bristol, CT on July 31, 1823. (hand-written records, cannot confirm spelling of names).

Simon C. Sweet of Farmington, CT married Janet Smith of Southington, CT in Bristol on Sept. 20, 1829.

Samuel B. Smith married Henrietta/Harriet M. Terry in Bristol, CT on May 13, 1830; both resided in Bristol. (hand-written record cannot comfirm wife’s actual name, Henrietta or Harriet is the closest I could come)

Persius Bunnell of Burlington, CT married Polly Smith of Bristol, CT in Bristol on Nov. 12, 1837. (hand-written record cannot confirm spelling of Persius’s last name).

Charles E. Smith married Sarah I. Peck in Bristol on Sept. 26, 1839. (Peck was a very affluent family in the Bristol area, their roots go way back)

Orren Smith married Amy Hopkins in Bristol, CT on July 30, 1843; both resided in New Haven, CT.

Edward Welton of Bristol, CT married Polly Smith of Waterbury, CT in Bristol on July 4, 1822.

Adolphus Bradley of Bristol, CT married Sarah Maria Smith of Mt. Washington, MA in Bristol on March 22m 1847.

Bishop Smith of Bristol, CT married Harriet Bradley of Plymouth, CT in Bristol on Sept. 15, 1847.