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Subject: Re: Dot Dottie or Ruth Irving Gregson Marriage and death
Author: RoseleeThurston
Date: Wednesday, November 09, 2016
Classification: Query

Had a little bit of luck today trawled through and found quite a few references for Mrs Dorothy Gregson Smith and her mother Ruth Gregson in the social pages of the Los Angeles times from 1940 to 1941 mainly mentioning their vacations etc to spas and New York for 3 months as well as Dorothy Gregson Smith and what she was wearing for lunch.At this period they took an apartment at Country Club Manor 316 Rossmore Avenue.
Ruth E Gregson then appears in there only Voter registrations for 1944 and 1946.
Before about 1935 Dot Gregson Designer and Shop owner but after this she appears as a socialite.
The were two mentions in the society page for Lewis and Dot Smith unsure whether that is them I think it was about 1935.
There was one snippet on the society page and it said:
Mrs Dorothy Gregson Smith out from Gotham(I assume this means NY)(she has lived there for five years back)sic at the Biltmore Santa Barbara looking very smart with a bunch of Gray violets pinned in her hair.She is doing if you please her christmas shopping-21st October 1941 Los Angeles Times.There were some photo of her in the paper when she was about 27 and she was very attractive so cant reason why there is no sort of foraml annoucement about her wedding anywhere.
I think that the article means that she was in NY for around 1935-1940 I am wondering by this stage that she was divorced.I also think she might have gone back there to live eventually returning to Santa Barbara hence being there when her mother died.
I have tried all combinations but nothing is coming up with try again tomorrow
as i think I can vaguely remember finding a name when i was searching in NY but discounted it at the time as wasnt California.