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Subject: HIGGINS
Author: CarinVV
Date: Tuesday, November 02, 1999
Classification: Query
Surnames: Higgins

Subj: Higgins in Nevada County

When I was a young girl growing up in Nevada County, we lived near what was then known as Higgins Corner, owned by the Higgins. At the "Corner" there was a bar and I believe a restaurant and grocery store. This particular area near Higgins Corner was very rural, located about half way between the town of Grass Valley (Nevada County) and Auburn (Placer County) on Highway 49, and close to the Bear River. We moved there in the summer of 1953, I believe. I was four years old. Most of the folks who lived in that area were farmers. Since the area was so distant from either of the nearest two towns, the Corner was a great gathering place.... sort of developed its own sense of a town. Also was one of the only two places to buy food in that area.

The Corner was on Highway 49, at the northeast corner where Combie Road crosses Highway 49.

The Corner had a wonderful gathering place outdoors --- in the back --- where I can recall the locals gathering with their families for barbecues and parties. Somewhere I have an old photograph taken at one of those parties. I can't identify all the people in the photo, but I do recall that Mary Higgins was in the photo. It was a birthday party, possibly for Mary or her husband. Can't remember Mary's husband's first name, seems like we just called him "Old Man Higgins" when we were kids. I think there was an older man named Bill Higgins who was usually there.

We used to also have a business card from the 1950's for Higgins Corner... seems like the names of Mr and Mrs Higgins are on the card, as proprietors.

At some point, the Higgins either sold or leased out the operation. I think the new operator was a man we called Frenchie. I think his last name was French. My older brother worked there... so did my father... seems like there was a gas station and a grocery store then. This would be in the late 1950's and early 1960's --- but not much past 1962.

Some of the names of the locals at that time... Hoadley, Streeter, Skov, Miller, Literal, Russell, Sanford, Clay, Pilliard, ...

Are you familiar with the location I am referring to? Do you live in that area?

If you are interested, I can:
1. Check to see if I can locate either the picture or the business card and send you a copy.
2. Send you my older brother's email address... he would probably recall more about Higgins Corner and some of the names
3. Check with my mother. She is 77 years old and might be able to recall some of the Higgins Corner stories as well.

Hope this helps. When you respond, please use this email address:

Carin Van Vooren