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Subject: Re: Louis Pardini
Author: Robert Pardini
Date: Tuesday, December 04, 2012
Classification: Query

Hello Susan
I am Robert K. Pardini son of Albert L. Pardini and Luigi (Louis) Pardini was my grandfather. I was at the family reunion back in the 1980’s in Sacramento. It has been a hard trek to get the family all sorted out. I have a family tree called the Pardini-Ensign Family Tree. Here is what I have put together and if it needs correcting please help out.

Giovonni Pardini married Clementina Georgio they had two children.
Louis Pardini & Angelo Pardini (I am not sure about Angelo)

Giovonni remarried Louise Boccia and they had four children.

Louis Pardini married Catherine M. Stagi they had five children.
Julian Attillo--Lena M.--Edward J.--Rose A.--Adaline.

I am trying to figure out the tie for my Great Grandfather Luigi Pardini.
What I can find is he had a brother and two sisters
Bappino, Marianna & Theresa M.
I can find that Theresa married Giuseppe Stagi and had four children.
John Louis--Anita C.--Julius L.--Josephine.

Theresa Stagi married Joseph L. Mattio and had two children.
Theresa M.--Ninfa C.

For Bappino and Marianna I am unclear. I have some letters and my father’s notes talking about these folks but no links. For Theresa the tie is solid. My father’s info is that Luigi & Nellie went to work in the bakery in Colfax with his sister who was Theresa Stagi. The bakery was a family business and a partnership. Julius and my dad were children and played together. Theresa husband died and she remarried Joseph Mattio. Family history in my father’s letters paints Joseph as a crook and took the bakery for himself as Luigi was still not a U.S. citizen.
Some info shows Angelo Pardini and Cherubina Bianci as the parents of Luigi--Theresa--Bappino--Marianna.

I also show that Luigi went back to Italy to bring back his two sisters.

Albert L. Pardini was the driving force for the reunion.

Robert Pardini