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Subject: Re: Researching STRUCKMAN of Nevada County, California
Author: Margaret Daubert
Date: Friday, August 15, 2014
Classification: Query
Surnames: Struckman, Muery, Mueri, Breuer, Diechs

Hi Al - Both of my parents were first cousins to the children of Emil and Verena. Our paternal grandfather was Henry E. Struckman, Emil's brother; maternal grandmother was Elisabeth Muery Breuer (not Brewer), sister of Verena Muery.

Does anyone have official records or photographs of Ernst Friedrich Struckman or Elizabeth Diechs Struckman or previous generations or relatives in Oldenburg? Can anyone identify the people in attached photo? The man and woman resemble Henry and Emil. Undated note on the back in German script translated: "Here we are pictured with Aunt Anna who stopped by to visit our family, all dressed up after a party in her cap and hat.”