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Subject: Re: SIPES/Seip/Siep/Seib
Author: sussana
Date: Saturday, July 08, 2006
Classification: Query

Hi Distant Cousin;
I have the family tree back to the grandfather of Johann. It is very lengthy and detailed. There is a lot of information on the Net about the Sipes line but you have to be careful as always. It took me a few months to cipher my line out.

You have to be careful tracing them because Abraham, which was a brother to your Daniel, I think, was married twice and that line splits. If I am not mistaken, Daniel was a twin to Susanna. All brothers and sisters to your Daniel.

Fraternal twins run heavy in the Sipes line as do other things. Here is my line beginning with me and going back; Susan, Pat (my mother), Jack, Alvin, Marcus, Paulden, Abraham, Johann II, Johann I, Wilheilm. They (3 brothers, Nickel, Johann and Paulus) immigrated from Prussia in 1752 on the Neptune captained by John Mason. The nearest town to their home was Nancy, France.

There was a study performed on the surname Sieb. It was done in Frankfurt, Germany in the 1930's. They (3 professors) traced the line back to the Frankonian War in Germany and on back to the 9th century where it split back to the name Sihap which is Mid-Eastern Indian. email me