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Subject: Re: RE: Bouchard-Martel-Marion-Dagenais
Author: Constance G. Connell
Date: Tuesday, September 26, 2017
Classification: Query

Hi! So am I.I'll tell you what I have.Delia Martel, was my G.G.Grandmother.I Had the info. that she was married to Henry Richer,and they had 3 Daughter. 1 daughter was Albina Richer, my G.Grandmother.Then I found out, that she was also married to Louis Bouchard(la Framboise).He was married before to Sarah Baraby.She died in 1880's.Delia and he married 1/7, south Indian,now known as Limoges,Ontario.They had 12 children .(none of which were my G.G.Grandmother Albina).NOw, things start to get really confusing!!Oh, wait; Delia and Louis, must have lived in Sarsfield,Ontario, because all 12 kids were born there.O.K., so.. I must mention there are strong ties to being Indian.those areas were Cippawa/Cree Territory.When I first started trying to find out info. on Delia Martel,I ran into Another Name that seems to be her. THe name is Marie Louise Martel! I think their the same woman, as Marie Louise Martel married a Lois La Framboise Bouchard!! She was born in the Pembina area, which later became N. Dakota,near Manitoba, Ca.There are Cippawa/Cree Res"s ther now.All those Ancesters, have ties to the "Little Shell Tribe" of Montana;who were Cippawa/Cree.People from there migrated ,to other Tribes of same. Well i hope this is of some help...Or maybe added to the confusion over Name Changes etc.Good luck in yor journey! Connie.