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Subject: New Haven area Potter's Field or Institution c1930? Looking for my great-aunt.
Author: fblefari
Date: Friday, July 21, 2006
Classification: Query
Surnames: Blefari

My grandfather's sister (Caterina Blefari) had TB when she was in her teens and was moved from Stamford to the New Haven area for care.

According to my 90 year-old uncle, his sister was placed in an institution, or orphanage in East Haven or New Haven sometime around 1930. It may have been a Catholic place because he referred to her as 'being put with the nuns.'

He said she died when she around 14, so that would make it anytime between 1928 - 1932.

Sad, but true, none of the family ever saw her again once she was instutionalized.
No one ever knew exactly when she died, or where she was buried.

Does anyone know of any such place where she may have been cared for during that era?
Does anyone know where there may be a Potter's Field in the New Haven area? I would assume, being abandoned, that she would have been buried in such a place.